Every client,

every site,

every program,

thus every project, is unique.

Therefore you may need services from me that other clients do not...and vice versa. Since my billing system is an hourly fee you can decide (as the project proceeds) how much or how little you need my assistance.

Choose from any or all of the following services:

  • site evaluation (preferably before you purchase the property)
  • project programming (refining your wish list)
  • as-built measurements (if needed)
  • preliminary design (rough sketches)
  • design development (refinements of the preliminary drawings)
  • construction documents (blueprints for the contractors and building permit)
  • bidding assistance (discussing the project costs with contractors)
  • construction observation (field visits to help keep the project on course)
  • contract administration (help you assess the contractor's payment requests)
  • coordination/collaboration with consultants (surveyors, engineers, decorators)
  • shop drawing review (proof reading certain subcontractor's drawings)
  • preparation of diagnostic reports (to support you during dispute resolution)
  • etcetera

Typically, most projects consist of the preparation of preliminary design ideas, then their refinement, and ultimately the technical drawings and other documents necessary to:

  1. obtain cost proposals from contractors,
  2. present to lenders for financing purposes,
  3. obtain a building permit,
  4. use on the jobsite for actual construction purposes.



Most of my clients have never been through the architectural process before and don't really know what their needs are. Don't worry, I'll help you determine that as we go.

For fee structure see the calculator.

Would you like to discuss your specific needs?

Please contact at 612.554.9772.