My tagline, 40 Years of Experience with 4000 Years of History, pays homage to my greatest architectural influence...architectural history.

Many of today's building are built using only recent architectural "history" therefore they may appear fad-like and generic.

I prefer a more timeless approach that uses thousands of years of architectural history.

And rather than force your tastes and program to fit into one signature style, I let the emerging design reflect your preferences and the context of the site.
And when appropriate, I use classical architectural influences to control the evolution of the design.

This is not usually a literal depiction of 2600 year old Greek or Roman columns and entablatures and pediments, but an application of many of the same important rules of design.

Those ancient masterpiecess have intrinsically beautiful proportions and undeniably appealing relationships of space that have set the standards for pleasing architecture.

Those tenets shape the philosophy I embed in every design decisions. This assures that the finished results will look and feel as comfortably familiar and beautifully appropriate as the historical models.


Unconventional methods and materials are likely to increase construction costs and delay timelines. So, let's not use them. Instead, let's use tried-and-true methods & materials in fresh, new ways that yield win-win results.

I pride myself in being well-versed in real world construction techniques as well as the vast array of available materials which I can use to be creative without reinventing the proverbial wheel.

Want to learn more about this philosophy?

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